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Renewable Energy and Storage

Critical support for the country’s power grid

U.S. energy statistics show current power generation from renewables is approximately 20%. This number will only increase in the coming years as the country transitions its energy mix. CEC Energy Services has the resources to support the installation and repair of many common renewable sources such as solar and wind farms, and the battery and microgrids system to make renewable available to the public.

CEC Renewable Energy and Storage Solutions

  • Wind Farms  
  • Solar Farms 
  • Hydrogen 
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations  
  • Microgrids 
  • Battery energy storage systems (BESS) 

EV charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations provide power for the nation’s growing fleet of electric vehicles. This includes charging stations at auto dealerships, parking garages and lots, rental agencies, airport terminals, offices and any other locations where vehicles will be parked or stored. CEC has expertise in power systems that is ideal for EV charging station installation and repair.  


Microgrids control the distribution of power from a power source or battery to a local distribution network. Microgrids are independent of the main power grid and can be utilized for small footprint systems such as an educational campus, hospital or neighborhood in case of power interruption. Our experience in medium and large, complex projects makes CEC the obvious choice for microgrid project wiring. 

Solar Farms

Solar projects can vary in size from small-scale distributed generation (DG) to large utility-scale projects that cover 2,500 acres or more. CEC has proven experience with large-scale construction and can provide resources for complete turn-key installation and support. 

In conjunction with an industry partner, CEC can provide photovoltaic project controls, tracking the pilling progress and panel selection for panel installation on solar farms. 

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

For wind farms, solar arrays and other renewable power generation to be practical, a robust battery storage system must be in place. CEC can install the BESS, connect the incoming power source (wind farm, solar array) to the BESS and then connect the outgoing power to the electrical grid.


For net-zero emission goals, decarbonization and energy storage, hydrogen is being pursued as the next wave of power generation. Central to this innovation is fuel cell technology that can generate combustion-free, emissions-free and carbon-free electricity from hydrogen. CEC can install these fuel cell systems that power hospitals, data centers and manufacturing facilities.  

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CEC Energy has qualified and experienced personnel to help install renewable infrastructure, maintain the local power grid, and support new energy storage solutions.

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