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Our Commitment to ESG

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Environmental, social and corporate governance are three non-financial factors used to measure a company’s viability and sustainability. Environmental factors look at a company’s actions to maintain and protect the environment, social factors examine how a company treats people both inside and outside the company and governance factors consider how a company is run. From its beginnings in 1956, CEC Energy Services has maintained strong ties to the communities we have served, employed environmental mindfulness at the job site and performed our business in a transparent, fare manner. Our business philosophy and company culture are inherently grounded in the CEC system of values: 

  • We operate with superior safety and quality as our baseline 
  • We foster a collaborative team culture 
  • We are reliable and responsive 
  • We uphold integrity over self-interests 
  • We maintain a versatile, solutions-based reputation 


CEC supports the growing trend towards renewable energy options while fostering responsible conservation efforts in all industries we serve. This is evident by the various projects we are involved in, our approach to sustainable operations and the everyday safety practices that all CEC employees carry out at the office, the jobsite and at home.

Project examples include:

  • Installation of the electrical infrastructure for both wind and solar farms
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations for commercial and personal use
  • Resources that support local power grids including  microgrids and hydrogen fuel cells


At CEC, our goal is to continue to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. Our community support ranges from participation in the local Chamber of Commerce, membership in industry associations and supporting the local community in a variety of ways. We support local sports teams, numerous charities, disaster relief efforts and are integrally involved in the social fabric of the many cities and towns where CEC operates. We hold active memberships in the Natural Gas Society of the Permian Basin, the Pipeliners Association and are active in local AMPP chapters.We continue to share our industry expertise by being actively involved with the Texas State Technical College in Waco, TX and have participated at the board level in recent years.

Corporate Governance

Through workforce development, ongoing training and trade certifications, CEC instills the concepts of safe work practices and sustainability in everything we do. This is evident in all our work practices, from troubleshooting and repair to complete management of large projects. 

CEC thoroughly trains employees on health, safety and environmental matters as they relate to federal, state, local, company and customer regulations. 

CEC holds partnerships with government, industry, safety, and technical experts and organizations to help develop and implement nationally recognized safety training. Our professionals are ready to help with pre-packaged or company-specific safety programs. We can customize our products and programs to fit individual business needs or update an existing safety program. Our team is ready to assist you in implementing a safety plan in conjunction with your training activities.